Did your team members/employees express an interest in understanding each other better?
Is your team working together quit well, but do you have the idea that it can be more effective?
Is there tension within your department or project team? 

In (short) workshops we can give teams and their members in a sportive and effective way insights in the team composition and how they can get to know and understand each other better.

When there is a lot of tension within a team the effectiveness and productivity usually is very low. Very often it’s absolutely not clear where it is coming from, because each individual team member is trying real hard, but it’s not working when they are working together. Or sometimes it looks like it’s clear, but the underlying needs of the individual team members are misunderstood. Very often we hear complaints about ‘communication’ not being effective or enough and most of the time there is enough communication, but not at the right time or with the right content. Gaining insight in and respect for each others differences has a huge effect on co-operation within teams.

Each individual team member will fill in a (online) questionnaire and will get a personal report, followed by a team workshop.