Coaching for female leaders

In many organisations management still has a majority of male leaders. Research (amongst others by Catalyst) shows that diversity within organisations and especially in top management and leadership increases turnover dramatically (up to 35%). Still, many women find it extremely difficult to reach and maintain that top position, even though they have the will and skill. Women tend to make decisions different then men and this very often brings either party to making assumptions and ineffective decisions. A broad experience in this area and also where it concerns cooperation between men and women will be used in coaching projects of specific individuals.

Women who did reach the top very often run into male/female issues (misunderstandings on either side) and find it difficult to maintain a top position. On average women need reflection more than men and this is hardly being taken into consideration in organisations.

All kinds of problems men and women run into can be subject of coaching. Behavioural analysis can give insights on how the differences can be overcome.

The period of coaching in this area strongly depends on the subject.