Career coaching

What will be the next step in your career?
What are your drivers?
In which working environment are you feeling comfortable?

By means of a self assessment ánd in conversation with you, we are able to advise you on your career development as close as possible to your natural needs and strengths.

We use the following working method:

Based on a MBTI, Birkman, Lifo analysis we will gain insight in your basic profile and skills. In a face-to-face meeting we will discuss where your needs are and on which strengths you want to make choices in your career.

Career coaching on average exists of 3-4 meetings of approx. 2 hours, including the explanation of your behavioural analysis report. These meetings can take place in a relatively short period to ensure clarity as fast as possible. Of course we will take the necessary time to let you think about the important decisions so you can weigh them carefully.