Individual coaching and counselling

On average individual coaching will last 6-8 sessions of approx. 2 hours per session. The period in which coaching will take place depends on the individual and sessions can be planned every 2 - 4 weeks. The coaching starts with an intake meeting in which the needs of the client will be clarified and the end goal will be agreed upon. It’s also possible to use a psychometric tool to get a better understanding of the necessary and desired changes. These tools give a better insight in ones self and the effect a person has on others.

At the end of the intake we will draw an action plan based on the agreed goals and needs. The coaching will be action oriented and solution based, so the time needed for the desired changes or improvements will be as short as possible.

Very often counselling is a one off situation and can be done by means of mail, telephone or face-to-face conversation. It will be result oriented and does not necessarily need follow-up.