Welcome to the “Coaching op Maat” website.

Various kinds of development belong to certain stages in our lives. Ideally this kind of development takes place at the right time and the right place. During our childhood and youth the schoolsystem helps us develop our rational side. Unfortunately development of the more behavioral side does not always take place, especially after we have left school and home. Or it happens only when 'problems' occur, which is a pity. Especially when we become part of a larger group (working environment) we do need that side much more.

Coaching can be very effective in working on behavior that has been developed poorly or not at all. You can learn more about our services that can help you with:

- Your personal development areas.

  • - Necessary changes within your organization, department or team.

Do you want to talk to someone independent who doesn’t have connections within your company? Or maybe want to get a better insight about yourself and therefore about others by using a psychometric tool?

By using my broad experience and knowledge in the area of organisational and behavioural change you will be able to realise the desired change.

Helping you develop yourself to levels you may not even be aware of is what drives and motivates us.

“Coaching op Maat” translated into English means: "Tailored Coaching".